New / Revised Planning Application 20/11655/FUL (summer 2021)

There is a new branch to the Battle for Brynards Hill! A revised planning application has been submitted in addition to the one we all fought so hard to knock down. We knew this would be on the cards.

We ask now that the same amazing group of people (300+ objections in total!) mobilise again to help us block the new proposal. This time round it is, in my personal opinion, even worse! Having added to the design plan the very dangerous idea of splitting the LEAP area into two sections, with a road! This is incredibly dangerous for the children who up until this point still have not been allowed to use what looks like a completed play area! If you only object for one reason, please let it be this!

The new plans and objection page can be viewed >here< (you can submit comments directly onto the page, no need for a letter format this time) and a new guide to objection points can be found >here< with guidance from Steve Bucknell once again.

revised access plans vita Country Park way – to break through the completed park (which clearly is a waste of money and time as the park is now clearly finished) to provide access to the site.

proposed plans to split the children’s play area to allowed site access in the plans to build more houses on Brynards Hill country park

Update – April 2021

Thanks to everyone who got behind this cause. To date, there have been a total of 316 objections and the following update from Steve Bucknell:

On the positive side the recent application (20/11655/FUL) has such a stack of technical objections against it from statutory consultees that it would be impossible for it to be granted consent or win at appeal.. 

There has been some reluctance it seems, from the position of Wiltshire Council with regards to enforcement action of the S106 now that the time scale for completion of the Country Park has passed.

As of yet, the Country Park does not exist, but not being an expert, I myself do not know where this puts things legally where the S106 is concerned although I will aim to find out. (Belinda)

What can you do to help?

we will need a group of willing volunteers to help us share our cause on relevant online groups, facebook pages, perhaps design and print posters that shop owners may let us put up in their windows to alert people without social media how to respond to this planning application. We have until February 4th!

If you are able to help please email us, or comment below, in which capacity you may be best suited. The list above is not an exhaustive list and if there are any other avenues to boost visibility of this site and the planning proposal, please do let us know.

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